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We were born in El Salvador. We have surrender our operation with a solid group of experts handling Call Centers, experts in Management and Business Administration, in order to provide world class service to our clients. LinkedUp Group is located on a privileged spot: Central America region, which offers an easy and fast connectivity from and back to the United State, specially for those companies that operation controls are closely supervised. We provide world class nearshore outsourcing solutions, with high qualified agents that will deliver on time, with high standards of quality and lots of passion.



we offer attention 100% Bilingual: English and Spanish

Technical Support

In our 24/7 in-bound call center environment, Technical Support Representatives will provide technical and network problem resolution to end-users (customers) by performing a question diagnosis while guiding users through step-by-step solutions

Sales and Retention

Sales agents will help you to increase your business sales, by providing great customer service, using their product knowledge and great customer service skills to increase your sales or retain your existing customers by providing a world class customer service

Customer Service

Our customer service team work in a fast-paced call center environment to make inbound or outbound retention calls to existing customers who have recently obtained and/or upgraded services on their account by providing a world class support service

Phone Services

In our 24/7 in-bound/Outbound call center with customized agents that will provide a world class experience, to each one of our clients that they contact, With a solid technological platform to suit the customer needs and supply all the aspects in order to provide a steady, uninterrupted service, and with the best quality available.

Chat Services

Our Representatives have the ability of deal with several chats at the time, always providing the suitable solution and the most pleasant experience, without waiting time, and with the best solutions available.

Email Services

When needed, our representatives can also use the email as a tool to each line of service, providing a personal touch with professionalism and high standards of quality.